Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's the little things...

There are some things I get so excited about. This is not the new car kind of excited, or even the new Coach bag kind of excited. (The whole $300 purse things still confuses me) I am talking about the infamous "little things." My days are full of them. Yesterday it amused me to no end that Kaitlyn now laughs at a certain part of Dora the Explorer every time. I can rewind just a few seconds and play that one part over and she giggles again! Usually she stares into the abyss of the TV, I swear that thing defines the phrase necessary evil, and I am worried the entire time that my child will have no brain left by kindergarten. Something amuses her, she is developing her own sense of humor, she is a little...person. No longer a baby, although she is still so little and helpless in many ways, she is growing up before my eyes. There are two words that I immediately think of when reflecting on this process, amazing and heartbreaking. I use those two words all too often and I sure you will all get tired of hearing them, but to me, they define what I feel as I watch this wonderful little person.

I challenge all you moms to focus on the little things today with your children. When they scream, whine or rub their applesauce in their hair, remember that this stage will be over just as fast as the other ones have. And with all the things that drive us crazy, go the precious little things they will never do again.


I'm Tara. said...

Love the siggy, my friend! So you!

So you're telling me that the plate full of scrambled eggs on the floor is a good thing? *sigh* You're right -- I suppose I'll miss it one day. Thanks for a sweet post reminding me to cherish the little things that put the "G" in "Miss G" today. *hugs*

I love that you're blogging away!!

Sarah Markley said...

Hi! I found you thru Tara! I also have an 18 month old girl who laughs at Dora (in fact right now I am listening to ..."Jungle, River, DORA'S HOUSE!" from the TV). I am so in favor of the TV - don't worry about the no -brain thing (I just sent one off to Kinder this week and she's more than fine!). Look forward to reading in the future!

Short Stop said...

Hi, Emily!

I found you from BethAnne's blog! I loved your post today! I'm SO with you on remembering and cherishing the little things. I'm trying to use my blog to help me capture some of them so that I don't forget!! :)

I've had fun reading your posts! I'll be back! :):)

BethAnne said...

I try so hard to be "in the moment"with my kids, but sometimes it is so hard to remember that they are only with me for a short time........thanks for reminding me!