Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn!!! (And a look back)

Here are some pictures from today, Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday! Notice her (newly) pierced ears. :) We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, but she was more interested in playing with her new toys. This afternoon we went to her favorite cupcake place for a splurge and had a special movie night as a family. She even got to stay up late. (8:30!) Happy birthday big girl, each day has been a new adventure, we love you!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Three Years Ago Today...

it was my due date. It was my due date and my baby was NOT here yet! I remember Ben taking me to a little Mexican place for dinner and making me eat jalapenos, which did nothing but give me heartburn. We even took some home in a plastic cup from the little chip and salsa buffet at the restaurant. We had been taking walks everyday and we walked that night. We went to a late Valentine's Day couples event at our church. I remember being so crabby. This was the day I was supposed to meet my baby, the day I had waited my entire life for, the day that had been circled on the calendar for nine months!

Needless to say she didn't come for another five days :) But she came exactly when she was supposed to. I began having contractions at 11pm on February 23rd. They began slowly and were irregular but by 7am Ben was telling me we needed to go to the hospital. We went outside and the truck wouldn't start, a detail that I didn't remember for a long time, probably because I was too focused on having a baby and I pushed it from my memory. :) We finally did get it started and began the almost hour drive in rush hour traffic to Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital. When we got to the hospital the Dr told the nurse I was "six and full" Ben looked at me and quietly said "Six centimeters?!?" I nodded with a smile and sent him outside to call our parents. We were having our baby! She came on a chilly February evening at 5:08 pm. When I finally held her in my arms I couldn't believe this little thing came out of me. How could something so pure and perfect have come from my body? And what did I ever do to deserve such a wonderful little girl in my life?

That day was the beginning of so many things in my life. Before that day I was married, part of a couple. Now we were a family. And now, three years (almost) later, I am in awe of what the past three years have held for us.What a joy it has been to watch her change and grow into a little person. And now, with the addition of another member of our family here I am reminded of just how blessed we are, and how much we have to look forward to.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Big Girl

For Valentine's Day Kaitlyn and I made rice crispy treats for Daddy. I forgot all about rice crispy treats! What a simple, fun cooking project that can be decorated especially for any occasion!
Kaitlyn was very proud of her creation, which she calls "a cake." She is continuously asking if she can help me in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I love her eagerness to help and she is turning into quite the domestic goddess at home, but sometimes she helps a little too much for Mommy. :) Like when I am sorting laundry and a navy blue sock ends up in with the whites. Anyway, although I don't completely boycott Valentine's Day I don't need a special day of the year to tell my husband or my children that I love them. I tell them, and show them, everyday. The commercialism of it all just bothers me. However, for Valentine's Day Ben got Kaitlyn, unbeknownst to me, a little cooking set from Pampered Chef. (Thanks Rachel!) It is so adorable that I forgot all about my Vday gripes and was immediately thrilled. And my gift wasn't shabby either. (The man knows how to buys gifts I tell ya, but that's a different post for a different day.) The set included an apron, chef's hat, measuring cups, "cookie cutters," and some recipe cards with all the different things you can do with them. Tonight for dinner we are making heart shaped grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. So here are some pictures of my big girl with her sweet Valentine's Day creation, complete with chef's hat, an apron, and a huge smile! Sending love to you all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lance is Eight Weeks Old!

Eight weeks. Wow. It is going by even more quickly this time than it did with Kaitlyn. Things are still busy around here, but it's the good kind :) Ben has been working a ton of overtime lately and my days are filled with baby smiles and big girl mischief. (Tune in tomorrow for wordless Wednesday to see some of this mischief. ) Lance is growing like a weed, he is in 6 month clothes now, and is such a happy baby. He sleeps well and loves Kaitlyn already, even when she's poking him in the face or talking much too loudly in his ear, he always has smiles for sister.

As Kaitlyn approaches her third birthday the sass is astounding. Seriously I was expecting this kind of attitude from my teenager, not my two year old. Good times I tell ya. For the most part though she is my big helper, eager to help with anything involving her brother and especially anything to do with cooking. She loves "writing notes" and building the Eiffel Tower with her blocks. Everyday is an adventure with her, you tell her something once and she remembers...FOREVER. She must have heard the phrase "That's not fair!" somewhere because this is what she says to me whenever she's frustrated about anything. Who teaches her these things?