Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Love...

My husband. The father of my children. Pictures like this put everything into perspective.

This girl. She amazes me each and every day and I still wonder how she's only been around for (almost) 4 years and I feel like I have loved her all my life.

This little pile of mischief. He faithfully helps me learn and practice patience every minute of the day and smiles while doing so. He has what we refer to as the "evil smile." It has been plastered on his face all day today since he learned that child locks now no longer deter him.

Have you heard that the definition of a boy is a noise with dirt on it? Enough said.

My mom. She is here spending time with my children (allowing me to rest) as often as time allows and she is always doing dishes, laundry, or some other household task that always seems to evade me.

My dad and step mom. They have been married for 20 years and are the ultimate example of being in a loving, committed marriage no matter what! They raised four children, which in itself amazes me, and are now empty nesters who enjoy having their grandchildren come spice up their lives. A usual night as their house includes them cooking, cleaning and playing with my children, and me catching up on my People magazine. :)

My mother in law and father in law. They raised the man I married and have been a huge source of encouragement through the trials we have faced. Having them with me when Ben was hurt was a huge blessing. I will never forget the experience of spending almost every waking moment for 2 weeks straight with them. Plus they raised three children, I will soon sympathize with that :)

Here are some of my other loves...


freshly laundered sheets

my brothers

home made lemonade

being barefoot


the smell of coffee (but not really coffee itself)


tea in a teacup with matching saucer

The Beatles


late nights around the campfire

Italian Parsley

freshly vacuumed carpet

my high school memories

my grandmother


poolside cabanas in Vegas



listening to the waves of the ocean

Kelly Clarkson

using the silverware of a grandmother I never met



the sound of my children laughing together

my childhood memories