Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lance is Eight Weeks Old!

Eight weeks. Wow. It is going by even more quickly this time than it did with Kaitlyn. Things are still busy around here, but it's the good kind :) Ben has been working a ton of overtime lately and my days are filled with baby smiles and big girl mischief. (Tune in tomorrow for wordless Wednesday to see some of this mischief. ) Lance is growing like a weed, he is in 6 month clothes now, and is such a happy baby. He sleeps well and loves Kaitlyn already, even when she's poking him in the face or talking much too loudly in his ear, he always has smiles for sister.

As Kaitlyn approaches her third birthday the sass is astounding. Seriously I was expecting this kind of attitude from my teenager, not my two year old. Good times I tell ya. For the most part though she is my big helper, eager to help with anything involving her brother and especially anything to do with cooking. She loves "writing notes" and building the Eiffel Tower with her blocks. Everyday is an adventure with her, you tell her something once and she remembers...FOREVER. She must have heard the phrase "That's not fair!" somewhere because this is what she says to me whenever she's frustrated about anything. Who teaches her these things?


Heather said...

I can't believe he is 8wks. already. He is so cute. I think the "that's not fair" thing must be from a movie or something. Elijah started saying it a couple of weeks ago and now he says it all the time. It is really "cute" as he is yelling it on his way to timeout. hope all is well and i love the pictures.love you.

Heather Mountain said...

I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!! Can this really be! How the time flys. I see K in Lance so much. Its so cool and crazy how similar and different the same genes can turn out. :)

Rebecca said...

Emily he is soooooo adorable! I so wish I could pick him up in those cute jammies and give him a big hug! What a georgous little guy! Megan is requesting a date with him, but not until they BOTH turn 25!!!