Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kid Bits

I am always telling myself I need to write down the amusing things Kaitlyn says before I forget them and then inevitably the day goes on and the thought is gone. So I just logged on to put down a conversation we had just now...

Kaitlyn: "Look a polka dot." (Pointing at a freckle on my hand)
Me: "That's called a freckle."
Kaitlyn: "A freckle?"
Me: "Yes, a freckle. I don't think you have any freckles."
Kaitlyn: "I have a freckle right there!" Pointing to her thumb
Me: "Oh, you do have a freckle"
Kaitlyn: "That's a good point." (In a congratulatory tone to herself)


I'm Sadie said...

Love it! She's too cute! I can't wait to meet her baby brother/sister!!!

Kristin said...

CUTE! Only 12 more days to go. YIPPEE!

kirimarie said...

Oh, that is so cute! I love her last comment--yep, sure is a good point, sweetie!
Ben calls them FARCKLES. We are a farckley family around here!