Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At the Drawing Board

Kaitlyn loves art. Anything to do with it. Drawing, painting, writing, play dough you name it. She is so creative and, if I may say so myself as only a slightly biased person, an amazing illustrator for her age. She comes up with the most random and wonderful drawings.

From this summer in sidewalk chalk... our family and our house.

The first word she wrote by herself. Cat!

Her birds are by far my favorite at the moment.

She drew them at school so I asked her "who showed you how to draw those?" Her teacher heard me ask her and said "no one, she drew them and then came up to us and said 'Look! A tweety bird!'"

I can said with a fair amount of confidence that she had no idea who Tweety Bird actually is, but that is what birds say so I think that's where the name came from.

Here's her self portrait with presents on Christmas morning. When I asked her who showed her how to draw present she said "Nobody! I did!"

And her version of Santa.

She got a mermaid Barbie for Christmas and drew her :)

Perhaps her stick figures will never evolve beyond anything greater than this. (heaven knows mine never did!) Perhaps her creative streak will fade. But looking at things through her eyes is so neat. I hope she continues to express herself through art...just as long as she doesn't draw anymore pictures of me with a belly bigger than my head. Amen.


kirimarie said...

What precious memories! I love that you have posted them on your blog :)

Lynne said...

Very cute!!

Carly said...

the birds are definitely my favorite too - i love them! the one of you with your big belly is hilarious, as well as the conversation that followed it :)