Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Big Helper

Kaitlyn has been a huge help since the day Lance was born. To say I love the order and age difference of my children would be an understatement. I am so proud of Kaitlyn, for many reasons, but especially for what a wonderful big sister she is. When he cries she does this funny little dance and makes a funny noise, both of which she only does at her brother, and it works...every time. When Lance wakes up crying she says "I'm gonna go rescue him!" and runs into his room, climbs in his crib and plays with him until I get there. She is constantly asking if she can feed him, bathe him, see his diaper (I know, she's weird) and I take every opportunity to let her help. :) And although he's almost as big as she is these days, they both seems to enjoy her feeding him. I love that he touches her face while she holds him and that she kisses him and gives me the perfect paparazzi moment without even being asked!

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luvinmy3girlz said...

I LOVE how she even opens HER mouth when feeding him =)