Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mealtime Triumph

There have been some amazing changes in the last week at the Nelson household. Our three year old eats broccoli!!! YES, you heard me right, a green vegetable! She also has decided she likes grapes as well, but another fruit in her repertoire pales in comparison to the one vegetable she will now eat. :)

One night this week we had broccoli with dinner. She not only tried her broccoli, she ate it all. I was stunned. Then she asked for more. I almost fell off my chair. When she finished her second helping (which was actually my broccoli) and asked for a third, I almost cried. Then I told her there wasn't any more broccoli because she ate it all.

The next day she asked if she could have broccoli and macaroni and cheese for lunch and I was happy to comply! (We'll work on the mac and cheese obsession at a later date) Then we went to the store and she said "Mom, don't forget to get some broccoli!"

So to all you moms out there with picky eaters I say...repetition works!

Just look at that mouthful of broccoli!

And every time you tell yourself you don't want to "waste" a vegetable on your toddler who you just know will not eat it, just tell yourself not to waste an opportunity to be one meal closer to your child actually eating that vegetable. If you don't expose your child to different things, they'll never have the opportunity to try and like them!

*This post is dedicated to Lynne, who has encouraged me about my picky eater for the last (almost) three years.

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