Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The World of Lance Tyler

Lance, our energetic little Bubba. He's 8 months old now and he is EVERYWHERE. Crawling, pulling himself up on anything that will hold still long enough, playing in the dogs' water bowl, cruising the furniture, growling, yelling, playing in the dogs' water bowl, pulling himself up and ...well you get the picture.

His favorite things are following his sister everywhere she goes, trying to take her toys, climbing on her, grabbing her hair, pulling on her clothes and just generally being a little brother. :) Here is one of them being cooperative, isn't that nice?

His other love though is the bathroom, specifically the bath. The boy can hear the bath running anywhere in the house and he's there!

And even when there's no prospect of a bath, he's still there...giving me this look.

Is it wrong to give him a bath 5 times a day if he gives me this look?

He often can be found looking like this. With his little tongue sticking out. Is that the cutest face you've ever seen? My heart just melts when I see his sweet little face. And then I want to go find Ben and tell him we need more little faces in our lives.

And speaking of faces...this is a face we see quite often in our house. It's that scrunchy face, with air being pushed forcefully in and out of the nostrils. He does this when prompted, and when he's frustrated, upset, irritated or bored. It's cute and highly encouraged by all members of the family.

This is him, such a smiley, happy boy. He's always laughing and squealing, especially at everything his sister does. Oh the sibling love, please tell me it will stay this way. Please?


Lynne said...

So cute. But he HAS to stop growing. At least until I see him next! Miss you guys so much!!!

Nana said...

Lance is so cute and what a smile. He is growing up so fast. Love, Nana