Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

As a child summer was always such a fun time. The sound of the ice cream truck, the smell of chlorine and freshly cut grass. Riding bikes and watching my brothers play football in the front yard and then beat each other up when they disagreed on which down it was. And if they are reading this they are probably so proud I know what a down is, well, sort of. Anyhoo...

And the exhilaration of playing chicken with the waves at the beach.

This was the biggest "wave" we saw, but she still thought it was hilarious to crawl away from them. What a goofball.

Meet Sarah. My daughter's "sister from another mister." These girls were destined to be best friends before birth... mostly because we told them so. :) They don't seem to mind.

While vacationing in San Diego with the kids we were lucky enough to be let in on a little secret. There is a place at the beach on base (a place I lived just minutes from for 5 years and never knew about!) that has two very long jetties which makes the water virtually wave less.

How wonderful! The girls got to enjoy the water, and we got to go to the beach without wondering how many times they would be swept off their feet and into the foam. Though the lack of waves makes NO difference whatsoever that you always return with the entire beach in every crevice of the kids bodies, trust me on that.

This lack of waves gave me time to dig a hole in the sand and make it look like my son could sit up by himself. Which by the way, he can now.

And it gave my son time to explore the sand. gave him time to eat as much sand as humanly possible before I began to worry about his future diapers and put him on a blanket, which he screamed bloody murder about.

But then he got over it.

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Rebecca said...

Such good beach photos Emily! I love every one of them! Your babies are adorable!