Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Her Spirit

I love this child.


As time moves on her unique and beautiful spirit is beginning to peek through all the three year old behavior that is...less than thrilling. She truly is a joy to be around and has such a sensitive and caring personality.


But even through all her sass, there's still that smile.

She will still drop everything to kiss my boo boo for me if I hurt myself. And likewise when she hurts herself a kiss from me makes the whole world right again. When her brother cries she tries anything and everything to help calm him. She'll climb into his crib to keep him company, (which he loves) shake toys at him while jumping up and down, and even share her beloved blanket with him. (Which as we all know is THE true testament of love)

She did this cute little pose all on her own.

With so many things being all about the baby the last few months it is sometimes easy to become distracted and forget how big my fist baby is getting! She has become so helpful and self sufficient that I forget to marvel at how much is accomplished in the first 3 years of life and how amazing it truly is. I love you sweet girl.

Please stop talking about getting married and having babies in your belly all the time.



Rebecca said...

I love your strawberry girl too! I miss her!

Carly said...

#1 these pictures are SO sweet! #2 i love all the things you wrote about her and i love how much you love her :) #3 macy talks about getting married and having babies ALL THE TIME! she has recently been aksing all of her boy friends if they plan on marrying her. ridiculous - slow down macy!