Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Conversations with Kaitlyn

Having a preschooler is so much fun. Really. But sometimes I wonder where she gets the things she says. She surprises me most everyday with some witty retort or dramatic exclamation of some sort. Here are some of my favorite conversations with Kaitlyn. :)

Kaitlyn was crying in her bed one night and when asked what happened this is how the conversation went...

Kaitlyn: I just hurt my face (sobbing)
Daddy: Well what happened?
Kaitlyn: My face was hurting!
Daddy: Well what were you doing when your face got hurt?
Kaitlyn: Saying OWW!

And yet another on our way to church...

Kaitlyn: You hurt my feelings Mama
Mom: When?
Kaitlyn: At the house when you yelled at me about my shoes
Mom: I didn't yell, and you need to obey me when I ask you to do something
Kaitlyn: YOU JUST RUINED MY LIFE! (Picture her head in her hands, seriously)

And the other day while I was putting on deoderant...

Kaitlyn: Can I put some on?
Mom: Sure
Kaitlyn: (Puts some on and looks satisfied) There, my stinky pits are all beautiful now!

For her birthday we gave her a Tinkerbelle nightgown and when she saw it she hugged it and said "I love it! this is the best night gown you ever gave me!"


Leah said...

Oh my I am sitting here LOL at the you ruined my life comment!
It is amazing what these little ones can come out with.

I'm Sadie said...

That made me giggle. That's too funny about ruining her life. They are so dramatic sometimes.

Carly said...

Awesome. You need to start a Kaitlyn Quotes column now - because they will just keep coming! My favorite is "you just ruine dmy life!" LOL

Jamie said...

Oh man, she sounds so fun!!!

kirimarie said...

Kaitlyn & Ben would make a great comedy pair!