Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Do I Bother?

Why do I bother arguing with a two year old? Seriously? How do I allow myself to get pulled into a verbal altercation with someone who until recently pooped in a diaper? Some of you may be laughing but this is my week this week. Today Kaitlyn and I were at Target and I was trying on a shirt in the dressing room. I asked her to sit down and stop yelling and anyway, here's the official transcript of our conversation...

Me: Kaitlyn please stop yelling and sit down on that stool

Kaitlyn: I caaaaaaaaaan't (insert whiny voice here)

Me: Yes you can and if you do not listen you will get a spanking

Kaitlyn: No I can't get a spanking, just don't have to

Me: Kaitlyn you will get a spanking if you continue not to listen and continue arguing

Kaitlyn: I'm NOT arguing!


Leah said...

LOL, it is so easy to get roped into arguing with a 2 year old. They just don't understand reasoning.

I'm Sadie said...

Isn't raising a toddler the best thing in the world!?!? LOL! Just think, we are going to go through it all over again!

kirimarie said...

Some days I like to whine & argue, too. I can relate! Is that bad?